Learning Journey Of the novel “Dhuruvangal”

Today the very first day, I have started reading the novel “Dhuruvangal” and I will share my reading experience in the upcoming blog posts….

In this post I would like to share the reading experience of the chapter ” The story behind UNIX“. In this way the author started explaining, there was a big room behind the screen there was a machine called Whirlwind -I located in MIT university.The first RAM(Random Access Memory) was there in that machine Whirlwind -I.Then they upgraded that and introduced tx-0 computer.They then introduced timesharing machine CTSS(Compatible Time Sharing System.)After that research group in MIT created Project MAC for this.

Along with them Bell Labs & GE(General Electrics) joined and named Multics(Multiplexed Information & Computing Services).Then Bell labs left that project and now two main membes joined that project , they are Ken Thomson and Dennis Ritche and asked PDP-7 machine to Multics but they rejected them.

Ken and Dennis share the knowledge with Doug Mcllroy later he was the head of Multics.Doug Mcllroy suggested to give PDP-7 to Ken and Dennis they then upgraded it and created PDP-11 and run the software in that.Ken introduced B language and Dennins Ritche intoduced C language and found the ls,grep,cut,mv commands.

Thomsan introduced this with Berkley University Students ,one of the students named Bill joy created vi editor also some of the students created commands like sed,awk etc. The American Army gave a rough plan about their network design and asked to implement that plan.They implemented that as Berkley socket, using UNIX they had created ARPANET ,it was now transformed into “INTERNET” .

In 1970’s the Software Industry sell software along with their Source Code and then the new disease spreading over there was in 1980’s they refused to sell software’s with Source Code.

Richard stallman who was not accepting this and he started writing his own ressembling UNIX called GNU/Hurd.The Software with the Source Code can be readable and Changeable called Open Source software.

In 1991 in Finland Linus Torvalds introduced minix kernel named it linus.Richard Stallman wrote commands like UNIX and but he don’t had a kernel,some of them combined this GNU/Hurd and linus and invented the Operating System called GNU/Linux later it was called by the name of Linux.This was the story behind UNIX and Linux.

I will continue this blog with the upcoming chapter’s…


2 responses to “Learning Journey Of the novel “Dhuruvangal””

  1. Wonderful to see you are learning something about Unix from Dhuruvangal novel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… I will continue reading your novel.. Interesting…


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